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Bales of hay catch fire near Greene; city warns about water discoloration

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The Greene Volunteer Fire Department confirms there was a fire around five Monday night. 

They say bales of hay and cornstalks caught fire on a farm Southeast of Greene. 

Both Greene and Clarkesville responded to the fire. No one was hurt. 

The City of Greene posted to Facebook, saying some of the water in town may be discolored. Butler County Emergency Management says the fire department was running a lot of water through it's system to put the fire out. As a result, some residents in the area may have experienced some discoloration in their water, similar to when hydrants are periodically flushed. 

Emergency Management says the City Clerk posted a notice on social media to make sure people held off doing laundry because it could affect the wash. They added that water cleared up once the fire department finished hauling large amounts of water, and that is not uncommon in a smaller town. 

Firefighters say some timbers that blew from a trash fire into the bales started the fire. 

Here is what the City Of Greene posted to Facebook: 

NOTICE: The firemen have notified me that they are hauling water to a fire outside of town. This is causing the water to become discolored. I believe they are pumping on the southeast side of town so it may be worse in that area. Please check your water before doing laundry etc. It should take care of itself if you let the water run for a bit. Let me know if anyone is having any other problems. You may also have some reduced water pressure.

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