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UPDATE: Decorah North Nest loses only eagle egg laid this year

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The Decorah North Nest is empty, sadly, not from baby eagles growing and flying away.

"Mom and dad were both incubating that egg, and it seemed like it was on track, until this last Friday," said John Howe, executive director of the Raptor Resource Project.

According to a Facebook post, the one egg laid this year was crushed, something was possibly wrong with the shell.

The loss, resulted in hundreds of messages of support and sympathy on the Raptor Resource Project's Facebook page.

"Basically somebody had noticed that it looked like there wasn't a full egg structure underneath her," Howe said. "We're sad to announce that it looked like the egg she was sitting on became crushed somehow and that we lost the egg."
Another possible cause was potential intruder attacks on the nest.

"Mom and Dad at the North Nest kind of defending the territory, we actually had what looked like what could've been a possible intruder attack."

Typically, the female eagle lays three eggs a year, so now they're trying to figure out what went wrong.

"Was there something abnormal about her egg laying cycle this year? It could've been something about the egg structure, it could've been something that was disturbed in her normal process by all the activity."

Howe is hoping to have experts look into what caused the egg to get crushed. Also, why Mom was only able to lay one egg. 


Raptor Resource Project posted to Facebook saying the one egg that was in the Decorah North Nest was lost. 

They say the egg had been laid on February 25th, but when, "Mrs North had gotten up for a change of position, the egg was already stuck to her chest, indicating that it had been crushed or collapsed, and the contents were oozing out."

The Facebook post adds that something was wrong with the shell, but they are uncertain at this point whether the egg was infertile or unviable. 

If you would like to see the Facebook post, click here

Below is what they wrote: 

As sad as this is for all of us, please know that Mr & Mrs North, like other wildlife, live in the moment. We see them keep arriving for shift changes for an egg no longer there, and it's hard to witness that as well as an empty nest. There will probably be some speculation as to whether or not another clutch might be laid, or what will happen next, and to that, we can only answer ... only the Eagles know if there is still a window of opportunity or not.

We have no other answers yet beyond this announcement and may not for some time. Collectively we say that we are as heartbroken as all of you for this sad event in the season, and wait to see how Mr & Mrs North fare. We'll post more as information is available. Thank you all for your support of the North's and to RRP.

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