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Did it make the cut? Iowa bills that survived the funnel

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Before state leaders could get down to business this week, they dealt with yet another political scandal.

Iowa State Senator Bill Dix from Shell Rock caught on camera kissing a state lobbyist. 

"I think it is pretty sad. I think Midwest ethics have gone down the drain," said Mary Mommer of Dike. 

Both Dix and the lobbyist have resigned. The Dix departure leaves the Iowa State Senate down one vote until a special election in April.

But, moving past the drama, Iowa Senators and Representatives got down to business.

The Senate amending a bill to allow child sex abuse survivors 25 years to seek civil actions against predators.

It is something child advocates say is necessary.

"When trauma happens to a child, often times it is so suppressed that they aren't even aware that it happened because they have pushed it down so far," said Glenda Husome, Family & Children's Council of Black Hawk County.

In the eleventh hour, the House saved a bill some say could be the strictest abortion law in the nation. 

The bill would ban abortions after the first fetal heartbeat is detected; usually around six weeks.

The House also choosing to not ban, but regulate traffic cameras. The change would allow cities to continue to ticket drivers if the money is used for public safety.

Both Waterloo and Cedar Rapids recently purchased new radar guns.

Dozens of bills did not make the cut this week including one that would have raised the legal age for tobacco purchases to 21.

The attention now turns to approving a state budget. 

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