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Eastern Iowa stabbing victim shares his story of survival

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We are hearing for the first time from a man stabbed, shot at and nearly run over by someone he considered a friend. 

"The question is why, and she said he won't tell nobody why. Ya know, it was like a normal day. We'd been there before," says Michael White, the survivor of the attack. 

White was at the Hawkeye Wildlife Area with Ronald Gonterman last June, someone he knew as a friend, neighbor and a drinking buddy. 

 "He snatched my phone from me and I'm like let me get my phone, ya know I'm thinking its still just a drinking buddy, you know a joking thing... and then he hit me in the head. I'm like Ron you realize you just hit me in the head? And then I looked up and saw the gun," White told us. 

Little did he know what was about to take place. 

"Next thing I know I felt all the stuff he was doing to my back but I didn't really realize what was going on till I looked at myself and I was full of blood," White says. 

He had been stabbed four times in the back. 

"I jumped out and he tried to hit me with the truck, and ya know by that time I was already on the phone with dispatch," White says.

Gonterman also shot at him missing each time. 

"I think God didn't wanted me to go anywhere, just yet," says White. 

To this day he remembers the attack vividly. 

"I'm still scared though, even though I know where he is," he said regarding Gonterman. 

Gonterman was sentenced to 19 years in prison earlier this week for the attack. 

He was originally charged with Attempted Murder but pleaded guilty to lesser charges. 

Meanwhile White is using his pain to press forward and turn his life around. 

"Right now as of the sixth of this month I came up to nine months sober," he says. 

He is focusing on his children and his wife. 

"They just say yeah that's the reason why you, that's the reason why you here. They say it's cause of them.. and I believe so too though," White told us. 

And he's found the strength to forgive his attacker. 

"Ya know I just can't live with being hateful toward somebody," White says. 

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