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Study finds asbestos in Claire's makeup products

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A consumer watchdog group says their tests found asbestos in three products marketed to children by the kids' accessories chain Claire's. 

The study comes after customers started complaining, which led Claire's to pull some of their makeup products from their shelves. 

The U.S. Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), a non-profit group, says it tested more than a dozen makeup products containing talc from an "accredited laboratory," and found "three products containing asbestos (tremolite) currently sold by Claire's." 

The group went on to say the products tested contained "high levels of asbestos."  According to the Food and Drug Administration, "talc" is a material commonly found in makeup products and can be contaminated with asbestos. 

In a statement posted to their website, Claire's defends its line of makeup products. The statement reads,  "We want to assure our customers that all of our products are safe and asbestos-free."

"Claire’s categorically denies that the testing by STAT, relied upon by PIRG, is accurate. The test methods that were used by STAT are obsolete and unreliable, and STAT is not certified to perform the type of testing necessary for talc-based products. In contrast, Claire’s has conducted extensive testing and investigation in cooperation with relevant authorities, including the FDA, Health Canada, and a number of EU enforcement agencies, to demonstrate that Claire’s products are asbestos-free and comply with all relevant safety regulations.  Indeed, testing by an independent laboratory of fifteen samples confirms that the products tested by STAT are asbestos-free."

The company added,  "All our powder-based cosmetics use the same base formulation, utilizing Merck certified asbestos-free talc, which is the same talc used in other well-known cosmetic brands."

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