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Toy cars are making surgery less scary at medical center in Decorah

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Surgery day is never easy, especially when the patient is a child.

To battle that, the leaders of the same day services department at the Winneshiek Medical Center in Decorah came up with an idea.

What if they let the kids drive toy cars to their surgery?

"We heard tears, kids clinging to mom and dad, not wanting to go. And since we've had the tractor, the barbie car and the coop car for kids to go in, no more tears," said Deb Tekippe, the same day services supervisor.

Today it's Charlie Becker's turn to drive the tractor back on his way to get his tonsils out.

"We've talked about the tractor a lot. And when Charlie's sad about thinking about having surgery, I remind him that, hey buddy, you get to drive the tractor back," said Charlie's mom, Jackie.

It's taken care of most of Charlie's nerves, and has done wonders for mom and dad, too.

"It's gonna make it a lot easier on us, knowing that he's not scared going back," Jackie said.

"I think it feels great. It's a stress reliever for parents," her husband Regan added.

Tekippe says the effect has been just as great on parents as it has on the kids.

"We just don't have to worry about the separation anxiety that the kids are having and truly, moms and dads too."

The vehicles were purchased by the Winneshiek Medical Auxiliary, a group that raises money for various projects around the hospital.

This is one project they here about often.

"It makes you feel really good that you're able to help other people and help the kids feel like, oh this is going to be a fun day and not dreading it," said Sharon Huber, an auxiliary member.

They also purchased a coupe and a Barbie car for kids who might not want to drive the tractor.

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