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Animal Abuse: Police discover dead dog, child inside Nashua home

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A domestic disturbance call leads police to discover disturbing details of animal abuse inside a Nashua home. 

Last Wednesday, Nashua police were called to 421 Wentling Street for a domestic dispute. Once police arrived, someone on scene had mentioned the homeowner's dog had gone missing, and its body may have been stored in the basement freezer.

Nashua Police Chief Travis Marvin says police later obtained a search warrant for the home of Jennifer Hoffman. Hoffman lives at the home with her two brothers Anthony Hoffman and Christopher Dann, as well as a child.

"They discovered that indeed there was a deceased canine in the freezer," said Chief Marvin. 

Not only did Nashua police find animals inside the home, but also a child. 

According to the criminal complaint, the child was taken to Allen Hospital Child Protection Center the following day for an interview. During the interview, the child revealed that "Anthony Hoffman poisoned the dog and threatened to place the same poison in his milk because he should feel the same way the canine feels."

The details are leaving others in town disgusted. 

"You know our pets are a part of our family," said Preston Mahan. "We have four dogs in our house and three cats and they're all apart of our family. I don't know why people have to do this to animals. It's just disgusting."

The criminal complaint details police also found a small amount of methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, various items used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine, several bottles of prescription medications, and various poisons. 

Police also found another dog who had, what they believe is rat poison in its kennel. Chief Marvin says they were able to rescue the dog from the home. The organization S.N.A.P. based out of Chickasaw County was able to place the dog with a clinic to receive care. 

"The dog was definitely undernourished," said Chief Marvin. "I don't believe it's been socialized very well. So we had a little struggle with it, but we were able to get it to the vet okay."    

The dog that was rescued is currently staying at the Fredericksburg veterinary clinic. The clinic says the dog is still recovering.

34-year-old Jennifer Hoffman is facing charges of children endangerment. 44-year-old Anthony Hoffman and 30-year-old Christopher Dann are also facing charges of child endangerment; animal abuse, as well as drug-related charges. They're both being held at the Chickasaw County Jail. 

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