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NEW DETAILS: "That's an absolute moral sin as far as I'm concerned." Lawmakers react to scandal involving Iowa Sen. Bill Dix

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UPDATE: It was a chaotic day of changes at the statehouse in Des Moines as video, taken from inside an Iowa bar, has now resulted in the Iowa State Senate's Majority Leader stepping down from his role.

Bill Dix is a Republican State Senator from Shell Rock and is accused of getting close with a woman who is not his wife in the video.  Dix resigned Monday afternoon after the video was posted online by a progressive political website, "Iowa Starting Line."

In the video, a man who is apparently Senator Bill Dix, and a woman the website says is a Des Moines lobbyist, are seen kissing repeatedly.  Pictures taken from another angle show more clearly a man closely resembling Dix.

Monday, Dix's seat in the state senate sat empty before Dix submitted a one-sentence resignation letter that indicated no reason for stepping down.

Iowa Senate Minority Leader Janet Petersen called the relationship an abuse of power.

"I believe that they are connected...It is an issue of power," said Petersen.

Back in Dix's hometown of Shell Rock, people were shocked to hear of the resignation and clearly frustrated to see their city associated with news like this.  Others throughout the district felt the same.

"I think it is pretty sad. I think Midwest ethics have gone down the drain," said Mary Mommer of Dike. "There is so much of that going around. The #MeToo movement, more of that is being aware that things like that are going on. It is pretty sad."

Mommer also referring to the sexual harassment settlement Dix was involved in last year.  Dix fired a staff member after she reported sexual harassment by another staffer in Dix's office.  The state settled for nearly $2 million.

Governor Kim Reynolds met with Dix today.

"Iowans hold their elected officials to a high standard. They expect us to lead.  I expect to lead," said Governor Reynolds.

With the seat now open, Governor Reynolds is expected to call for a special election within five days, and others are already putting their name in the race.

Democratic candidate Tracy Freese says she'll run to represent Iowa's 25th Senate District in a special election.

 According to a statement from Bill Dix, he is resigning as a State Senator and as Majority Leader at 2 p.m. on Monday.

Governor Kim Reynolds says she's planning to meet with Iowa Senate Majority Leader Bill Dix after a video is released showing him apparently kissing a woman in a Des Moines Bar.
Iowa Starting Line, a progressive political website, posted a story Monday showing a man they say is Dix, seeming to kiss a woman, whom they say is a lobbyist in Des Moines. 

“First of all, with what little I know,” Reynolds said, “I’m certainly disappointed with what I’m hearing.”
According to Iowa Starting Line, the woman seen with Dix in the video has been a lobbyist of municipality groups for the past two years.
KWWL affiliate WHO-TV asked the Governor if Dix should resign, Reynolds said “I think Iowans hold their elected officials to a  high standard. They expect us to lead. I expect to lead. I want to know the facts.”
According to Dix's Senate web page, the Shell Rock Republican is married with three teenage children. The video, alleged to have been shot on March 1, comes after sexual harassment allegations, and a large settlement were awarded to a former communications director for the Iowa Senate Republican caucus. 
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