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Iowa Hawkeyes first to wear custom fit helmets

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The Iowa Hawkeyes will be the first football team in the United States to wear brand new helmets designed to properly absorb impact. They're custom made for each player and every Iowa football player will be fitted for their own helmet.

Riddell, the company that makes the helmets, will then customized eight pieces of padding to keep the player's head as safe as possible.

"Our hope is the way this is made it will soften the blow and take some of the blows away, if we again can better protect somebody's brain, why not?" said Greg Morris, Iowa Hawkeyes Football Equipment Manager.

The Iowa Hawkeyes Football Team will be the first football team to wear the custom fitted helmets, including NFL teams.

"Starting this fall all of our upperclassman, 80 plus players, will have custom made helmets just for them, it's not interchangeable," said Morris.

For the past two years more than a dozen players have already been wearing the new helmet.

"In our two years with them, our 15 guys that have worn them, we've had no problems, no concussions, no comfort issues, no sizing because of all those factors that's how we made our decision to go with custom for everybody," said Morris.

The Hawkeyes are hopeful the number of concussions they see diminishes.

"If we can start to eliminate that opportunity for a concussion we are doing our job, we are being proactive versus reactive," said Morris. "If we get something custom made to fit your head, we've got a better chance of keeping you healthy."

Even the players say they wouldn't go back to the old style helmet, telling Morris, "I wouldn't put anything else on my head as long as I am playing football," said Morris.

Each helmet will cost more than $1,000 dollars and it will cost the team nearly $80,000 to have helmets made for all the upperclassman.

Morris says the incoming freshman won't be fitted for these new helmets for the fall season because of timing, but they should get their new helmets by December.

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