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Waterloo school turns 800 shirts into diapers for children in Haiti

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An eastern Iowa middle school is helping children halfway across the world with the shirts off their backs.

In nearly two weeks Hoover Middle School students collected 800 t-shirts for Bundled Bottoms which is a program that turns shirts into diapers for children in Haiti.

"It's called Bundled Bottoms and the idea is all the students can donate t-shirts and then they will be sent to Haiti and they will become diapers for those who need them," said Sarah Young, Hoover Middle School eighth grader.

Teacher, Christi Larson donated 200 shirts after collecting them from community members.

"We'd like to give back to the less fortunate so with little effort, this is what we can do, we'd be glad to do it," said Larson. "Time to clean out the closet and we can provide for somebody else."

"I enjoy helping people a lot, just helping babies especially, it's extra special," said Natalie Goings, Hoover Middle School eighth grader.

Students loaded the t-shirts into their principal's truck this afternoon. The shirts are on their way to be made into diapers and shipped to Haiti.

"I think it's cool to know that we are making a difference in a place so far away," said Young. "Knowing that you were able to affect other people's lives for the better it's just a good feeling."

Eighth grader Ashley Seeger brought in 40 shirts. Her class collected 133 in total.

"The littlest things make the biggest difference," said Seeger.

From Waterloo to Haiti, Hoover has a message.

"I would say from our family at Hoover to your family, we wish you the best and we are glad we could help out," said Larson.

The Bundled Bottoms program is through the charity, Many Hands for Haiti, which started in Iowa.

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