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Student reacts to Oelwein High School threat

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Friday, it was class as usual despite a threat of violence at an area high school.

We first brought you the story last night, when the Oelwein Community School District said it received an, 'isolated and non-descript threat of violence' to the high school.

Oelwein's superintendent, Josh Ehn, says they were made aware of the threat yesterday morning, and quickly determined where it originated, and that here was no actual threat to students. That's why they decided not to cancel classes.

It looked like a normal day at Oelwein High School this afternoon. The parking lot was packed and students could be seen making their way back to class. But the threat has left some parents and students on edge.

"Nothing like that has ever happened in Oelwein before," said Haylee Heidt, Oelwein High School Junior. "Everything is all calm and now there is a threat of violence in the high school."

Ehn said there was not an immediate threat of danger to the students and he chose to keep the school open. While some students still went to school, others like Heidt stayed home.

"Well my dad leaves at 4:00 in the morning so he messaged me and he said he doesn't feel safe with me going to school and I should stay home," said Heidt.

The school district said there would be increased police presence at the high school today. Heidt's friends who went to school today say they saw several officers patrolling the hallways.

"My friend, she told me that there were cops at the school, walking around making sure everything is calm," said Heidt.

Oelwein Police say they believe the person who sent the threat has been found, but that didn't ease Heidt's concern for her friends.

"I told my friend she should stay home today because if any of them got hurt I wouldn't know what to do," said Heidt.

She's hopeful things go back to normal.

"I just hope they get it taken care of and the person that was making the threats, or whatever, I hope he gets taken care of," said Heidt.

Ehn's didn't say which app the threat came from, but did say that the district did not feel the threat put anyone at risk on the Oelwein campus. 

Police say the threat was vague and they don't believe there was any immediate danger; however, officers do believe some would consider the threat alarming.  

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