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Fixing the pothole problem

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If you're enjoying the warmer weather, you're also probably cussing those nasty potholes that seem to show up when the temperature changes.

Forget winter or spring, it's pothole season in eastern Iowa, and it's taking a toll on Iowa drivers.

It's an amazing feeling for many drivers when they miss those nasty potholes, but when you don't, they say it's awful.

"It feels like my car is going to break," one Iowa driver said.

"It's like, did I hit, or did my tire go flat? Ya know," another Iowa driver said.

The change in weather has Waterloo Public Works' ten crews busy patching more potholes to keep major roads as smooth as possible.

Waterloo Streets Department Operations Manager, Tony Pauley, wants to remind people, "we fill potholes year-round. If we're not plowing snow in the winter, we're filling potholes."

Just to give you an idea of how deep some of these potholes can get, we place a miniature camera at the bottom of one of these smaller ones we found, just to give you a vantage, or a pretty good view of what it looks like from that angle right there.

What's so frustrating, is the people with Public Works telling me they can patch these holes at the beginning of the week, and before the end of the week is over, they're just as deep (if not deeper) than they were before.

"Just slow down, and if you see a bad pothole, just call it in, and we'll take care of it," Pauley said.

Pauley said crews are doing what they can to fix major roads, and after that, they'll likely move to residential areas.

For now, many Iowa drivers say they're doing what they can to dodge those nasty spots without breaking down.

"It's, 'oh please don't break.' Yeah, either my car is going to break, or my tire is going to pop," one Iowa driver said.

"We hate it. We think it's the snow plow's fault, but we know it's not," another Iowa driver said.

People with Public Works say they're doing what they can to fill those nasty holes around town, and if you notice a spot getting really bad, you can always call and let them know.

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