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Iowa Hy-Vee employee fired for not shaving mustache

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BOONE (CNN) -  A Boone man said he was fired Friday for refusing to shave his mustache.

Bob Dentlinger said Monday that managers at the Boone Hy-Vee overrode the nationwide policy allowing neatly-trimmed mustaches and beards.

"(The manager) says, 'Have you made your decision?" Dentlinger said. "I said, 'Yes, I have. I am not going to shave my mustache.' She says, 'Then we are parting ways.'"

Dentlinger said he was not going to let a part-time job that he has worked the last five years, change his look, especially after checking the company policy on facial hair.

"Corporate says right here in our corporate handbook (on) page 10 (that) you are allowed to have a beard or mustache as long as it is neat and well-trimmed." he said.

Dentlinger said he posted his firing from Hy-Vee to Facebook, and he has been overwhelmed by the support he received.

Hy-Vee issued the following statement:

"Hy-Vee, Inc. has no corporate policy prohibiting facial hair. It recently came to our attention that the Boone Hy-Vee implemented a policy that prohibited employees from having facial hair of any kind. With the policy change, an employee was terminated due to his refusal to shave. Since learning about the situation, we have since reversed the policy implemented at that store. Also, the employee has been apologized to and offered his job back at the store."

Following Hy-Vee's statement, Dentlinger said he'll meet with the store director, and he plans to accept the apology. He also plans to get his job back.

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