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Trial dates set for 'Bachelor' star Chris Soules

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We're getting the set trial dates for former 'Bachelor' star Chris Soules.

According to the Iowa District Court for Buchanan County, a pretrial conference is scheduled for October 16, 2018 at 9 a.m. at  the Buchanan County Courthouse.

Jury Trial is scheduled on November 7, 2018 at 9 AM at the Buchanan County Courthouse.

The trial is expected to last 4 days.

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Iowa farmer-turned reality television star, Chris Soules, is accused of failing to remain at the scene of a crash.

His attorneys argue he followed the law, but the but state says he didn't do enough.

He's accused of Failure to Remain at the Scene of a Crash.

Recent court documents between Chris Soules' attorneys and the State of Iowa both show different interpretations, how a driver must react following a crash.

Even though he called 911, identified himself, and offered help, prosecutors argue Soules should have stayed or at least come back.

Soules has been in and out of court since last April in connection to the fatal crash involving Kenny Mosher. Iowa law states the driver of a vehicle involved in an accident needs to provide their name, address, registration, and try to help if treatment is needed.

Iowa code goes on to say, if the accident results in death, all surviving drivers shall remain at the scene, unless they're seeking help or reporting it to authorities. If they leave, they must inform authorities where they're located.

According to Soules' attorneys, "Soules indisputably stopped his vehicle, returned to the injured driver, contacted law enforcement, provided aid, arranged for medical treatment, and stayed til emergency personnel arrived. So, the State's charge must be dismissed."

The State argues, Soules would have needed to leave his license, registration, but that wasn't enough. They believe he still needed to return to the accident or give his location to law enforcement after reporting the crash.

Essentially, Soules' attorneys argue Iowa Law doesn't require a driver to wait for authorities, but prosecutors insist it does.

If you'd like to review Iowa's law when it comes to requirements involving leaving a fatal scene, you can click here.

The judge has already declined to dismiss the charge, which carries a five-year maximum prison sentence.

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