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Study says Iowa drivers are speeding the most

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Iowans are having a problem when it comes to hitting the gas. At least that's what one study claims, that Iowans are the most ticketed in the country when it comes to speeding.

According to the online insurance company, Insurify, Iowa drivers are getting more speeding tickets than anywhere else in the United States. That's despite having the lowest per-capita number of police officers among the other highest ticketed states.

Insurify said it determined the rankings by analyzing 1.3 million car insurance applications. From that, 23.2% of Iowa drivers reported having a speeding violation in the last seven years. That was the highest reported number.

Iowa State Patrol Trooper, Bob Conrad, said speeding is an issue in the state.

"I think it's a problem in most states. In the state of Iowa, yeah, I would say it is. It's one of the big things that we have happen in the state here that causes fatalities. Until our fatality rate is zero, I think speeding is a huge part of that," Conrad said.

In 2016, 224 people lost their lives in Iowa due to speeding or aggressive driving, a finding reported by Zero Fatalities, in partnership with the Iowa Department of Transportation, indicated.

"There are so many fatalities that have speed-related causes that it's just not worth it," Conrad said. Despite that, Conrad said they deal with speeders every day.

Troopers aren't the only ones witnessing speeding first-hand. Veteran truck drivers agree that speeding is a big issue.

Dave Haegeman, from Minnesota, passes through Iowa constantly as a truck driver for 32 years. Haegeman said his truck is electronically limited to going a high of 68 mph, and that cars frequently fly pass him by at least 10 to 15 mph.  But he said that's not unusual from any state he passes through.

"I travel all over. It doesn't really matter what state I'm in, there's speeders everywhere," he said.

As to why Iowa sees a higher number of speeding tickets according to Insurify, Conrad said it could be a mixture of work ethic and something else.

"We're out there enforcing the law. My whole goal everyday, to be honest with you, isn't about how many tickets I write.  Whether it's speeding or not, my whole goal is to save a life. When we look at speed being one of the top things that ends up taking someone's life, giving that ticket is not hard to do because I really, truly, want to save somebody's life.  So the reason I guess I'd say is, we care."


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