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"There was a big hole in our house": Car crashes into Marion home

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Two people are recovering after crashing into a Marion home this weekend leaving a gaping hole in the home's bedroom. Thankfully, homeowner Carol Navratil says she and her husband were not home when the car came crashing through their yard and into their home.

"We were at a funeral yesterday and we got a call, my son called me and said, 'someone ran into our house'," said Navratil.

Police say a medical condition caused the driver to leave the road and crash into the home.

"It's a little overwhelming...it was okay, no body was in the house, we were good, but it was still a little overwhelming to see all the squad cars and a big hole in our house and you know our bedroom," said Navratil.

Today the couple was working to cover the car-sized hole that exposed their bedroom. The Navratil's say they are grateful they weren't in their bedroom when the car smashed through.

"Things happen and it could have been a lot worse," said Navratil.

Right now, Navratil says she is worried about the people who were in the car. Police say they were taken to the hospital and Navratil says she plans to call the hospital to see how they're doing.

For now, they are glad no one was in the house. The couple says their grandchildren are often in the room that was hit.

"We were just happy and thank God that no body else was in the house or no body was hurt," said Navratil.

The couple says they've lived in the home for decades and they are hoping to get everything fixed soon. Authorities haven't said how the people in the car are doing or what medical problem the driver experienced. 

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