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Marion Police Department moves SWAT training away from school in wake of Florida shooting

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The Marion Police Department Special Response Team values the training they receive twice a month, but this week they changed their plans. 

"Some of the parents were concerned about the timing of it with what happened in Florida and that being close to a school they just kindly asked that we reschedule that and maybe look into a different day," says Tom Daubs, SRO & PIO at the Department. 

They honored the request telling us they want to make everyone feel safe including students. 

The team prepares for the worst of situations wearing heavy duty vests and other gear. 

"Most if not all of our team members carry the AR platform rifle it's a 223 rifle it's a standard patrol rifle you're going to see it in the hands of just about every law enforcement officer in the country now," says Officer Mitch Walser.

"As a school resource officer I carry one with me. I hope to never ever ever have to use it but to keep kids safe it's right there with me," Daubs told us. 

One thing the Special Response Team does not have is an armored vehicle. 

"In the footage that we saw in Florida we saw these BearCats on scene and a lot of these incidents that take place nationwide, typically police departments, sheriff's offices have an armored vehicle like this," says Corporal Jason Schamberg. 

In fact an armored vehicle is something they are hoping to get, they have already applied for a grant to try and pay for one. 

We are told the vehicles cost $225k and the nearest one right now is in Waterloo. 

When it comes to schools the Department wants kids to know they are here for them. 

"We want them all to feel safe, we want them to feel they are in a protected environment and they don't have to worry about what could happen because the police are here," says Daubs. 

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