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What is a bump stock and why is President Trump calling for a ban?

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Along Vinton's Main Street sits Tactical Creations Gun Store. Inside, longtime owner and lifelong gun enthusiast, Bob DuCharme, recognizes the need for change.

"Yeah, a tragedy like this, we want to do what we can to stop it," said DuCharme.

President Trump's most recent action following the deadly school shooting in Florida last week is a call for a ban on bump stocks.

Bump stocks are a device that can be added on to an AR-15 rifle that increases the number of rounds the semi-automatic weapon can fire in a time period.

"You can dump a mag in three seconds, but it is not going to be accurate," said DuCharme.

Bump stocks were used during the Las Vegas shooting, but there have been no reports that one was used during the Florida school shooting. 

The device replaces the rifles standard stock without altering the actual mechanism of the gun.

"You push it forward to where your finger hits the trigger, which makes it go bang. That makes it come backwards and you push forward just enough to keep it doing that," explained DuCharme. 

The chain reaction of the recoil and the bump stock create rapid fire.

So why have one?

"No reason. Same reason somebody wants a Corvette, it's fast," said DuCharme.

DuCharme supports a ban on bump stocks, but says a full gun ban isn't feasible.

"We need to get together. We need to get this stuff figured out," said DuCharme.

DuCharme says the bump stock has not been a popular item among his customers. In fact, the two he currently has in stock have been collecting dust for quite awhile. 

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