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K9 officer gives injured pit bull puppy a second chance

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A badly injured pit bull puppy was almost put down but, instead, is finding a happy ending.  And it's all thanks to an area K9 officer.

University of Iowa police officer, Jackie Anderson, has always been a dog person. Anderson is one of the K9 officers for the department. She and her K9, Falo, have been a power duo for three years now.  Falo even has a sizable following on Twitter.

"I've always liked the idea of having a partner in my car who, without question, will have my back 100%," Anderson said, and she gets that with Falo.

During a late night shift in mid-January, a fellow officer notified Anderson about a domestic abuse call.

"There was an argument over the puppy where she was accidentally hurt when one of the people fell on her. She broke both of her front legs and had lung contusions," she said.

The victim was a five-month-old pit bull, given the name 'Izzy,' but her owners couldn't afford to treat the injuries.

 "On her right front paw, all the bones across the paw were broken and then the left elbow was broken," Anderson said.

Anderson said because of Izzy's breed and the looming medical bills, the veterinarian feared she'd have to be put down. That's when Anderson stepped in.

"I wasn't going to be able to walk out of there and not look back and not be able to help her," she said.

The owners agreed to surrender her and then the Anderson said the vets were able to treat her. After finalizing the adoption process, Izzy is now at a new home where she is healing. That home is with Anderson, her girlfriend and Falo.

Anderson said Izzy still has a long road of recovery left in her. She still limps when she walks and her foot is still deformed.

"Initially, we had anticipated them amputating the leg if they couldn't pin it. They were able to pin which is good, but amputation isn't off the table," Anderson said.

The possibility of amputation was something Anderson knew of when adopting Izzy. She also knew she would be taking on a lot of bills for her physical therapy, but it wasn't enough to deter her.

Since then, a GoFundMe was created to help with Izzy's expenses. 

Izzy has an appointment in March where they'll see how she's healing and whether amputation is needed.

No charges resulted from the domestic call, Anderson said. She said other than the injury, Izzy appeared to have been well taken care of.

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