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Fire forces 2 families from Waterloo duplex

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Fire alarms helped save two families living in a duplex after an early morning fire sparked on the first floor of a Waterloo home. The fire happened in the 400 block of Center Street around 1:00 a.m.

Two families lived in the duplex and everyone was able to get out all right, but both families are now homeless. Michael Krum lived on the second floor.

"I got down the steps, I couldn't even see the steps the smoke was so thick," said Krum, Waterloo. "I had a hard time getting down the steps and I got down to the bottom of the steps and the doorway was just in flames, I told Felicia (Krum's girlfriend), I said, 'you gotta run through there, we've got to get out of here."

Krum says he didn't hear a fire alarm, but he did wake up to his neighbor pounding on the door.

"I heard someone banging on the door and then I opened the door and it was the lady downstairs, she said that she couldn't get it out and then my roommate David went down the stairs behind her and then he ran back up and told me to call the fire department because the house was on fire," said Krum.

Krum says he is thankful for his downstairs neighbors, saying the fire started in the front bedroom and his bedroom is right above that. He says without his neighbors he wouldn't have known to get out.

"I am glad she was home because I mean otherwise I heard the dog and I got up to see what he was raising hell about and then that's when we heard her banging on the door," said Krum.

Krum says going back to the home this afternoon was heart breaking. He says it reminds him of what he lost.

"'It's a mess, it's a mess, the walls are all charcoal," said Krum. "I had paintings and pictures and everything on the wall and you can't even tell, you can see where the squares were, but that's it...I am going to have to replace a lot of stuff."

Krum says he was taken to the hospital and was treated for some burns. He say's his girlfriend also had some burns after running out of the house barefoot.

The Waterloo Fire Department tells KWWL the City Fire Marshall did an investigation with the K-9 unit, the investigation is complete, but they are not releasing the cause of the fire at this time. 

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