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Educators discuss intruder training

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Following the recent deadly school shooting in Florida, some eastern Iowa educators want to remind parents they undergo training to try and and prepare for situations like this.

For nearly five years now, Waterloo educators and students undergo intruder training in response to recent invasions, like the situation in Florida.

Dr. Willie Barney is in charge of safety at Waterloo Schools, and he said that simulations give people an idea how to react.

"Our students and staff receive some things that focus more on the mental side of dealing with a dangerous situation like that, as well as some drills to assist them, and what are the next steps for responding to it," Dr. Barney said.

Dr. Barney said no training scenario is ever the same as a real-life situation, but he said this kind of training can help save lives.

"The biggest part is, we want our teachers, our staff, and our students know that they have options, and that they're not locked into one particular decision, which kind of forces them into a hole," Dr. Barney said.

While many back and side doors remain locked during school hours, there are also several security cameras at the top of every building and also inside to keep an eye on all the activity.

Educators say they have the raptor system in place, and it monitors everyone who comes and goes into the school.

The front door is the only spot people are allowed to enter school buildings in Waterloo, and they're required to buzz into the building, and check in with the office before they can go into the school.

"My grandmother would often say, 'you can put a lock on a door, but that's for honest people.' So, I don't know if there's any way to make any environment inaccessible to someone who has intent to get in to do bad things, but I think in Waterloo we've done a lot of things over the years to make it a safer place," Dr. Barney said.

Outside of school, Dr. Barney said they also work with Waterloo Police whenever there's a potential threat posted to social media.

Whenever administrators are alerted about a post, it gets reported to police, and they respond to the student's home.

Waterloo educators say they undergo different training situations throughout the year to try and ensure the best reaction.

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