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Waverly couple's love story starts with post-it note

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A perfect story for Valentine's Day...

An eastern Iowa couple's love story all started with a post-it note from a stranger.

Mark Laracy and Jamie Tobin live in Waverly. Tobin started her own photography business, and now Laracy and Tobin work together, keeping the business going. 

But the way their story began will make you smile. 

Tobin was living in Connecticut, working for a business called Simply Mac. Laracy worked for the same company, but he lived miles away just south of Boston. 

One day, a customer was complaining about the plastic covering on their MacBook. So, Tobin needed to deliver a new MacBook from the store she worked at in Connecticut to the store Laracy worked at in Boston. 

For fun, Tobin put a post-it note on the MacBook that said, "In case no one told you, have a good day! You are enough. You do enough." 

Laracy says he had been having a stressful day, and the note was just what he needed to hear. 

The two then connected via a group chat app on their phones. 

After a few months of talking on social media and texting on their phones, the two decided to meet in person. 

Laracy would drive for miles to see Tobin, until about a year ago. The two moved to Waverly, where Tobin's family lives. 

And, of course, the couple has the post-it note that connected them framed in their house!

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