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SALT: Good for roads, bad for cars

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Salt: It's good for the roads, but bad for cars. Salt and brine can cause drivers a headache, long after the snow is gone.

The salt and brine can rust parts of our cars and it's important to wash that salt off as soon as possible.

"All the chemicals they put on the roads to keep them clean and it's a must I know, but it has wear and tear on the fenders and the doors and the lower parts of the cars," said Tony Wilber, Wilber Auto Body and Salvage owner.

Wilber says the salt can rust our cars.

"They line a lot of the parts with styrofoam and plastic and rubber and it retains the water and the moisture and it adds to the rust in Iowa," said Wilber.

Wilber urges drivers to clean the salt off as soon as possible.

"Well I think if you clean your fenders and stuff when you go to the car wash and make sure you get it washed off really well," said Wilber. "I know a lot of people that store their cars and they don't drive them a lot, they don't show the rust as if some of the ones that drive them all the time."

Wilber says what's really keeping him busy this winter are cars that get damaged after they hit a snow bank.

"A lot more cars are a lot more plastic than they used to be and when they get low to the ground and they hit these snow banks those plastic parts are going to break and a lot of times they are really expensive," said WIlber.

Wilber's advice..."drive slow and carefully and take it easy," said Wilber. "The rust is just a matter of maintenance, just try and keep it as clean as you can as often as you can."

We've had snow the last 10 days in a row in eastern Iowa. Wilber says not to worry, your car should not rust if you haven't gotten a chance to get it washed yet.

Wilber says it's important to clean the snow that collects behind your tires, that snow build up can cause rust.

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