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Eastern Iowans clean up from overnight snow

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Mother nature left a lot behind for eastern Iowans to clean up today. Last night's snow storm dumped half a foot of snow in parts of the Cedar Valley.

For most of the morning dozens of eastern Iowans were working to shovel their driveways and sidewalks. Some were even forced to dig their cars out of snowbanks.

Scoop by scoop, Shawn Poellet shoveled his entire driveway. It took Poellet nearly an hour to finish the task, but when he was done he was relieved he could finally get his car out of his garage.

"It does feel nice, yes," said Poellet, Cedar Falls.

Meantime, others traded in the shovel for something bigger like snow blowers and plows. Dean Snodgrass was using his snow blower to clean his driveway and sidewalk this afternoon, even at 84-years-old.

"Well, somebody's got to do it, it ain't that bad all I have to do is hang on and it does the work," said Snodgrass, Cedar Falls.

Though temperatures were in the teens Snodgrass says he wasn't cold.

"No, heavens no, I've got good gloves on, I don't even have my rubbers on yet," said Snodgrass.

With half a foot of snow over night this makes it the most snow from one storm that we've gotten this winter, some people are hopeful this is the last time they see the snow.

"I don't need anymore," laughed Snodgrass.

"I enjoy snow, but shoveling is not a lot of fun," said Poellet.

For the most part main roads in the Cedar Valley were clear, but some side roads were still covered by snow. Plows were out clearing those side roads at last check.

Our next chance for snow is tomorrow night. For our complete weather forecast you can visit our KWWL weather page HERE.

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