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UPDATE: Janesville passes $8.6 million bond vote

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UPDATE: The Janesville Consolidated School District says the $8.6 million bond has passed Tuesday night, by an unofficial tally of 62% voting 'yes.'

The unofficial count, according to the school district, was 724 'yes' votes to 438 'no' votes.

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Third time is a charm, at least that's what one area school district is hoping after bringing a multi-million dollar bond to vote for the third time. Janesville School District is asking the community to vote 'yes' for an $8.6 Million bond to expand and upgrade Janesville's school.

The school says they are running out of options. They have started holding classes in hallways, janitor closets and even the weight room. The school is desperately in need of more room and is hoping the bond to expand the school passes this time around.

"We are just out of space so unfortunately I wish I had a better solution, but we just don't," said BJ Meaney, Janesville Superintendent.

The school board is asking the community to vote for the bond that will help add 12 classrooms to the school.

"We've gone from 268 students to... were gonna have around 400 next year in a matter of less than 10 years," said Meaney. "We have to have a place to put them and right now it's tight..it's tight and we are out of space."

Meaney says classes have been moved to different parts of the school, including a janitor's closet.

"We currently teach TAG in a closet, truly it's a janitor's closet, and we teach high school Spanish in the middle of our weight room," said Meaney. "We have a teacher's whose desk is in a uniform closet without outlets and we have business and art being taught across the street in a steel building."

Meaney says the school is running out of options.

"I don't want to play the poor me game because a lot of schools are experiencing a decline in enrollment and we are not one of them, our enrollment is up 40 percent in less than 10 years and it's an awesome problem to have, but now the facilities have to catch up," said Meaney.

The bond money would also upgrade the gym and the roof. Meaney says if the bond does not pass for the third time the school is looking to use portable trailers for classrooms next year.

Meaney says if you have a $100,000 home property taxes will go up about $150 dollars a year. The vote is set for tomorrow. 

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