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SPECIAL REPORT: Dubuque Schools Report Card

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Each semester, your students are graded on a scale from "A" to "F" based on their performance in a particular subject.

It's easy to tell based on this system how they're doing and where they need improvement.

But what about the schools themselves?  

The Iowa Department of Education developed the Iowa Report Card in response to a 2013 legislative requirement.

So what is the Iowa report card?

It grades each public school in Iowa on six categories: Proficiency, student academic growth, closing gap, college and career readiness, student attendance and staff retention.

Based on the data from those categories, schools can fall in one of six groups (moving from lowest to highest): Priority, Needs Improvement, Acceptable, Commendable, High-Performing and Exceptional.

In Dubuque, five schools fell into the lowest category: priority.  But, is it worth panicking over?

We talked with educators in the Dubuque Community School District and the Western Dubuque School District to see what they think of the Iowa Report Card, and how they believe things are going at their schools.

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