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UPDATE: Bremer County roadside officer-involved shooting ruled justified

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UPDATE: A deadly shooting by Eastern Iowa Police during a traffic stop has been ruled justified.

Jihad Merrick, 29, of Minnesota was shot and killed back in January, during a traffic stop on Highway 218 in Bremer County.

Prior to the traffic stop, Merrick was reportedly seen at a gas station in Floyd County holding a gun to his head before he took off in his car.

After speeding by an officer on Highway 218, clocked going more than a 100 mph, Merrick was pulled over.

The Nashua Police Officer was unaware of the gas station report, but noticed the driver was holding a gun to his head.

Dash-cam video, taken from an Iowa trooper who arrived on scene to assist, shows Merrick step out of his vehicle twice. Each time, Merrick is holding a gun to his head.

Officers can be heard telling Merrick: "Put the gun down. Put the gun down."

During the last time Merrick steps out of his car, he argues with officers about the floodlights, even though officers had already turned off headlights at his request.

"I am asking, turn off the floodlights," said Merrick.

He then gets back in his car.

During the 30-minute negotiation, officers asked Merrick how many guns he has with him.

Then an officer can be heard reporting to dispatch: "The driver also stated he had five total weapons in the vehicle."

Officers from Nashua Police Department, Chickasaw and Bremer County Sheriff's Departments and the Iowa State Patrol try to talk Merrick down throughout the incident.

"Put the gun down. Ain't none of this worth it," said one officer.

Then 25 minutes into the video, Merrick fires a shot from inside his car.

At this point, officers approach Merrick's car.  According to the Bremer County Attorney's investigation, the officers found Merrick unarmed. But when officers attempted to pull Merrick out of the vehicle, he struggled, reaching back towards his gun.

Officers "Grab the gun. Grab the gun."
Trooper "Where is it at?"
Officers  "On the passenger seat."
Trooper "Got it."

Merrick then put his car in drive, dragging one officer and heading towards another.

That's when both fired at Merrick and the car came to a stop. Merrick was pronounced dead at the scene.

The autopsy reports showed Merrick died from three bullet wounds, and had meth in his system.

According to the Bremer County Attorney, the threat to the officers' lives when Merrick tried to drive off, and other actions that were taken by Merrick throughout the incident, were enough to justify the use of deadly force.

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UPDATE: The Bremer County Attorney's Office is releasing the names of the officers who were involved in a deadly officer-involved shooting in Bremer County. Jihad Merrick, 29, from Minneapolis was shot on January 17.

The Attorney's Office says the following officers were involved, and are listed in no particular order: Trooper Nathaniel Miller, Trooper Chris Forsyth, Trooper Ken Haut, Bremer County Deputy Glenn Beenblossom, Chief of Nashua Police Travis Marvin, Nashua Police Officer Benjamin School, and Chickasaw County Deputy Adam Hanson.

The Attorney's Office did not say which two officers fired their weapons.
UPDATE: The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation says the man shot and killed in an officer-involved shooting in eastern Iowa this week was 29-year-old Jihad Merrick, from Minneapolis.

An autopsy has been performed by the Iowa State Medical Examiner’s Office, and the results have been given to the Bremer County Attorney’s Office as the investigation continues.

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Original Story:

One man is dead after an officer-involved shooting in Bremer County Wednesday night. 

Floyd County Sheriff's Office responded to a call of a person with a gun pointed at his head at Love's Truck Stop in Floyd around 8:30 p.m. Before the officers arrived, the suspect had left. 

The Nashua police say a vehicle was going south on Hwy 218 at 104 mph. The officer pulled the suspect over, who got out of the car, pointing a handgun at his head. 

The Bremer and Chickasaw County Sheriff's Offices and the Iowa State Patrol arrived to help the Nashua Police Department and, for almost 40 minutes, tried negotiating with the driver before they fired a shot inside the vehicle. 

The officers found the driver unharmed after he fired a shot. Officers attempted to take the suspect into custody, but the driver drove the vehicle forward, hitting another officer. Two officers fired shots at the suspect, who was struck and pronounced dead at the scene. 

The Iowa DCI is investigating this incident. The name of the suspect has not been released. 

DCI Special agent in charge Jim Thiele says an autopsy is scheduled for the driver. 

According to Nashua Police Chief Travis Marvin this is the first officer-involved shooting for his department. The Nashua police department consists of 4 full time officers, 2 part-time officers, and 3 certified reserve officers.

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