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Victims' names released in deadly crash

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Cedar Falls Police released the names of the people killed in Friday night's crash.

Elijah James Showalter, 20, Daniel James Delagardelle, 21, and Brady J. Hagenstein, 16, all died. All three victims were from Waterloo.

Cedar Falls Police initially believed all victims were adults.

According to a police report, Stacy and Ronald Harmon were in the SUV with their 9-year-old daughter during the crash and they should be all right. The Harmon family is from Cedar Falls.

Cedar Falls Police say Showalter, Delagardelle and Hagenstein died after the driver crossed the center line and hit the family in an SUV.

Cedar Falls Police say the Harmon family told police they could see the driver in the other car fishtailing towards them right before the crash.

Cedar Falls Police Chief Jeff Olson says a police officer was driving in the area when he noticed a speeding driver.

"We had an officer out on Viking Road near Cedar Heights and he saw a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed west bound on Viking and he turned around and tried to make an attempt to catch it and stop it, and when he got to the top of the hill on Viking then he saw that accident scene, so we actually drove upon it as well as got numerous calls," said Chief Olson.

Chief Olson says the driver of the smaller car crossed the center line.

"They lost control somewhere near the Tires Plus location and slid sideways on the road and collided with a eastbound vehicle," said Chief Olson.

The family in the SUV told Chief Olson they slowed down because they saw the driver fish-tailing toward them.

"If it wasn't stopped, it was nearly stopped, because they saw them coming towards them and tried to avoid it but you know those things happen and the collision occurred, and that car did get split in half and then the three inside died," Chief Olson said.

The scene was devastating for witnesses and emergency crews alike.

"It's a very tragic event, it gets everybody thinking about all sorts of different things. First and foremost, we have to do our job to the best we can and of course life-saving efforts were the first thing that you think about, but once that's done you just start thinking like anyone else would," said Chief Olson. "Gosh, how do you prevent these things? Or why does this happen? And sometimes you feel fortunate that the others in the other vehicle or other vehicles weren't involved."

Chief Olson says investigators are reviewing the tire marks from the scene to determine exactly how fast the vehicle was traveling.

Witnesses say the driver had to be traveling at least 80 miles per hour, which is more than twice the legal speed limit in that area, before colliding with the SUV.

 A nearby intersection at Viking Road and Highway 58 is listed as one of the most dangerous spots in the state -- with at least 74 reported crashes at the intersection -- in the last three years.

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