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First rolled ice cream shop opens in Iowa City

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The icy outdoors hasn't stopped people from piling in Iowa City's new ice cream shop.

Rollipop Rolled Ice Cream opened in the Sycamore mall on Thursday and already it's drawing a crowd. The shop is the first of its kind for Iowa City and the surrounding area.

Rolled ice cream is a popular treat that originated in Thailand. Liquid cream is poured atop a frozen, flat surface and then toppings are mixed in. It's then all pressed flat before a scraper rolls it into tubes and then finished with a choice of more toppings.

Jack Hur, owner of Rollipop, said he opened it with the hopes of offering entertainment with dessert. 

"I'm pretty sure most people have went to hibachi tables where they chop up things. It's delicious food, right? And it's entertainment, fun night out, maybe date night. and things like that. I just wanted to make something really entertaining," he said.

Hur said rolled ice cream is different from your typical ice cream cone in that it's creamier.

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