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Iowans enjoy curling club

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The Cedar Rapids Curling Club has around 50 members from all across Eastern Iowa. 

For those unfamiliar with curling the goal is to get more granite stones down the ice and closest to the center of the circular target than the other team. 

"There's people who have just started this year and are in their mid thirties and people who are just  barely five and throwing a stone, It's honestly anyone can do it," says Adi Heitzman. 

Some fathers and daughters participate in the club together. 

"There's people that are like in their 80's and 90's that continue to curl so that's something that I kind of think you know futuristically that we could be doing together for many years to come," says Craig Jones. 

Jones' 11-year-old daughter Lilly does curling with him. 

"It's fun to be with my dad," she told us. 

Even couples are enjoying the sport together. 
"We work at different jobs and stuff and this is something good to come and you know do with your spouse," says Martha Marple, who curls with her husband Murray. 

We are told the best thing about curling is the people.

"I don't know that there's ever been anybody that I've met in the sport of curling that I couldn't say nice things about it's a wonderful, really enjoyable family sport," Ken Heitzman told us. 

Iowa only has two curling clubs, the other one is in Des Moines. 


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