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Family remembers terrifying crash

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A ten-car pile up during snowy conditions landed a family in the hospital last month. The crash happened the last week of December on interstate 380 near Evansdale.

Amy Buck and her three children were in a car that was smashed by a semi. Authorities on scene that day told KWWL it was amazing the people in the car survived. Amy, a mother of six, says she's also amazed she and her children lived through the crash. 

The Buck's were on their way back to St. Paul from the Quad Cities on December 29, when half the family was involved in the terrifying accident. The family of eight says they usually drive in a 15 passenger van, but the van did not start, so they took two cars on their trip.

Mom, Amy Buck, 53, and her three children, Ian, 25, Jonas, 20, and Marshal, 14, were hit. Amy says she and her children do not remember anything about how the crash happened, but she did wake up in the car for a brief moment.

"I woke up in the car just once because my one son was in a lot of pain," said Amy. "I woke up to him yelling that he couldn't feel his hands, and I just opened my eyes for a second and I saw the air bag had been deployed, then I was out of it again."

Amy's husband Eric and their three other children were in a separate car. They drove past the crash minutes after it happened.

"I saw the car and I saw that it was crushed by a semi," said Eric. "I could see the EMT's, or the rescue people, cutting the car and so I knew that they were working on pulling people out of there because that car was crushed."

Eric says he told his children to pray hard, turns out the family they were praying for was their own.

"We were saying an extra prayer for that family that was in that car, not knowing that it was my own family that we were praying for," said Eric. "The car was unrecognizable, the semi was blocking our view as we were driving saying prayers for them."

Crews were forced to use the jaws of life to remove the family and somehow they all survived.

"Our reaction was it's a miracle and that miracles do happen," said Amy.

Amy and her son Jonas were treated for broken bones. Ian, the driver, was treated for a concussion. The youngest, Marshal is being treated for a brain injury. The family says they plan on going back to St. Paul next week after two weeks in Iowa. Marshal will be transferred to a children's rehab closer to home.

A Gofundme page has been created for the family, to donated CLICK HERE.

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