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New Waterloo grocery store caters to frugal spenders

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A new Waterloo grocery store is aiming to be the cheapest place in town to buy your food. 

Frugal Finds Market, located in the former Pioneer Graphic Building, at 316 West 5th St. has been open since the new year. 

Owner Deb Borwig says she was inspired by similar discount stores in other counties. 

"I found myself driving 35 minutes from home to purchase diapers at discount stores over in the Amish community for my grandson Tristan," said Borwig. "And when I was over there one day to get diapers, I noticed all the cars in the parking lot had either Black Hawk or Bremer County license plates. My first thought was why didn't we carpool? My second thought was why don't we have one of these stores in our area?"

Borwig teamed up with her husband and after eight weeks of searching for the right place, they opened  up their own discount grocery store near downtown Waterloo. 

After working in a grocery store for years, Borwig began to take note on customer spending habits. 

"I think everybody is trying to make their grocery dollars stretch," said Borwig. "You go there for scratch and dent, short-dated. Back when I was a child, my mom would buy groceries for two weeks at a time. Then, dating was more important. But now, I find that people are buying today to consume today. It's what they're going to cook for lunch and supper tonight or maybe supper tomorrow night."

Her mission is to bring the cheapest groceries to her customers when compared to other stores in the area. 

"Cereal that's selling for $3 and $4 a box, here is less than $2 a box," said Borwig. 

Borwig works with different suppliers to buy items at a cheaper price so she can pass the discount onto her customers.

"What we have here are short dated or just outdated items," said Borwig. "You're welcome to sample anything. Just ask and we'll let you sample it."

Right now her story mainly carries pantry items, such as cereal, beans, canned vegetables and frozen vegetables. But the savings don't stop at just food. Borwig also carries paper towels, dish soap, and brand new furniture.  

"Frugal finds," said Borwig. "You want something frugal? I'll find it for you. If it's not here, you let me know what you're looking for and I'll find it for you."

The store accepts food stamps and snap benefits. 

"A lot of people are on a fixed income, they don't have a whole lot of money to buy a whole grocery cart full and they're just buying what they need to get by," said Borwig. 

In the near future, Borwig says she plans to work with local farmers to bring seasonal vegetables at a cheaper price as well. 

"You're not going to find a product in this store that is cheaper anywhere else on a daily basis," said Borwig. "We used an app to price all of our products, it brought the three cheapest prices in our zip code area and we were able to price everything under that."

Borwig guarantees her promise, saying if a customers finds something in the store that's cheaper somewhere else, she'll price match it for you. 

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