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UPDATE: Platteville Police: "No active shooter threat in the city"

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A man with a with a gun, threatening to hurt himself, caused the Platteville School District to shut down its schools. 

Platteville Police said they were notified of the potential danger early Friday morning. They said a suicidal man was in the park across the street from Platteville High School.

"That situation had not been resolved, and could potentially result in some danger to our students who are coming and going to our school," said  Connie Valenza, district superintendent.

Initially, the police department and district officials decided to delay school for two hours, but as time went by they decided to cancel the full day.  "Still did not have enough information to say our students were gonna be completely safe on the way to school, so we made the decision to close for the full day."

The parents of about 1,500 district students were notified by e-mail, phone calls and texts. 

Social media rumors fueled the fear.

"And that created some anxiety because there was a lot of social media out there saying some pretty amazing things, like active shooter, which was not what we were informed of," added Valenza.

However, in these types of situations, school administrators said they'd rather be proactive.

"I would feel terrible if something happened to one of our students, and we hadn't given the information or hadn't tried to take prudent action to try to prevent that happening," said Valenza.

Police were able to find the man's car near the park, not too far away from the high school. They also located the rifle, which he had left it in the park. 

Authorities did later find the man. We're told he has been taken into protective custody. 

No one was hurt.


The Platteville Police Department says there is no active shooter threat in the city, after classes are canceled due to a "situation that endangers student safety." They say classes were canceled because a person was threatening to harm himself, and police believe he was near the high school at the time. They should be releasing more information soon.
PREVIOUS: The Platteville School District is closing its schools today due to a "situation that endangers student safety," according to a social media post from the City of Platteville.

The city made the post just after 8 a.m. Friday morning. 

Superintendent Connie Valenza said the decision was made, "in consultation with Platteville Police and Grant County Sheriff."

She said there was a situation going on "in the vicinity of the schools, but not directly related to the schools, that would've endangered students."

"We couldn't ensure their safety, so we decided to close the schools today."

They had originally delayed classes for two hours in hopes the situation would resolve itself, she said.

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