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Cold temps causing car problems, nonstop business for auto shops

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It was another busy, cold day on the roads of Dubuque for tow truck driver, Dillon Mills.

"We are headed to West 6th Street and we are gonna do a jump start," he said.

The frigid temperatures have been causing problems for drivers across the area. The weather, causing cars to breakdown, or just not start at all. 

It also means non-stop business for auto shops and tow companies. Since last week, calls have been coming in nonstop at McCann's Service Center. Manager's said they've done about 50 jump starts a day.

The cold weather has also caused them to replace many batteries. Ambrose Roling, tow manager at McCann's, said there are certain things drivers can do to avoid these problems. 

"Make sure your oil is changed, that's one thing. Old oil will clog up. Try to keep your car out of the wind a little bit -- park a little different way where your battery is not receiving all the wind, that kind of helps. The wind chills are kinda hard on stuff," he said.

Jerry Bussan, who called for a boost won't be needing a new battery, just yet.

"It's been sitting here, out here for three and a half, four days, and with this wind, it's just so cold, it don't wanna move at all...we're lucky to get it going."

According to auto experts, the average shelf life for a car battery in Iowa is about five years, but this also depends on how much driving you do.

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