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Heating technicians keeping busy

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Temperatures are remaining well below normal this week, and workers are keeping busy.

Not only are construction workers and mail carriers battling the elements, but heating and cooling technicians are working overtime by repairing furnaces to keep homes and families safe.

The moment you turn on your thermostat's fan and wait for the warm air to start flowing, it can really make or break your day.

Right now, Mike Fereday Heating & Cooling technicians are responding to more than 40 calls a day to repair furnaces and save pipes.

"Typical problems right now are maintenance issues with people not changing their filters, or registers are being blocked off, and just a lack of maintenance. If something does happen, it's best to get on it right away when it's this cold," Tim Fereday said.

No matter your home's age, anyone's furnace can quit working.

"If you have a high-efficient furnace, you're going to have PVC pipes through the side of the house, and the moisture in that could potentially freeze over, and the furnace will automatically lock itself out when that happens," Fereday said.

The odds of your furnace breaking down are a lot greater this time of year, while it's working around the clock to keep your home warm.

However, experts say you should never turn on your oven and open the door, because it's just too dangerous.

"Fireplaces work well. Electric space heaters can work well, but it can be a safety hazard as well. Using a stove or items like that, that's not recommended. It just becomes a potential hazard," Fereday said.

Tim said their technicians have been responding to nearly twice as many calls they normally do, and if your home's furnace quits working, he recommends calling a technician right away.

Experts say if your furnace quits working, start running water from your faucets to keep your pipes from freezing.

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