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Freeze on the Farm: Cattle taking on arctic temps

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We're experiencing a bitter cold that stops even the toughest Iowans in their tracks. Well, except for some four-legged Iowans. For cattle, this cold weather has them feeling good and kicking up their heels, literally.

"Especially the young ones. They could tell you were here with the camera. They were playing," said Denver farmer, Shane Grosse.

But that doesn't mean there aren't a few things to do around the farm when the temperatures start dropping.

The cattle stay warm overnight in thick beds of hay & corn stocks.  Farmers keep water supplies from freezing with heating strips and insulating hay around the base. And then there is feeding.

"We keep them fleshed up pretty well. We like to put the feed to them pretty good," said Grosse.

The cattle putting on thick coats inside and out for the Iowa winter.

Speaking of inside, Grosse's show horses staying warm and happy in the heated barn.

"Yeah, they are a little spoiled," admits Grosse.

With three days of below-zero temperatures, Shane says his dad tells stories of worse winters.

"Actually, the cattle, the water was freezing around their mouths. He was going out and trying to get the ice off their mouths," said Grosse.

Despite it all, "I enjoy this. I enjoy it. I take pride in doing it, trying to do a good job. It gives you a sense of satisfaction caring for the animals," said Grosse.

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