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KWWL Update: Dog missing for eleven days has been found

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Jax reunited with his owner, Katie Motsinger - January 3, 2018 Jax reunited with his owner, Katie Motsinger - January 3, 2018
Jax back at home - January 3, 2018 Jax back at home - January 3, 2018

Update: Less than a day after our original story about the Waterloo community coming together to try to find a missing dog named Jax, he has been found in Plainfield.  Around 4 p.m. Wednesday, his owner, Katie Motsinger, posted this to the Lost and Found Pets Cedar Falls/Waterloo Area Facebook page:

"I cannot reply to everyone so fast. Jax is in my husbands car and he is on his way home. I just want to let everyone know that I am not sure I will post a picture...... Jax is SKIN AND BONE. He is going to need immediate vet services, this breaks my heart into pieces, but he is alive.
Thank you all for your help, i love you all!!!!!
Please pray the we can get Jax back to normal"

We are thrilled to hear this and wish Jax a speedy recovery as he is reunited with a family that loves him very much.


Orginal story: Community comes together to try to locate missing dog

Jax is his name.  He's a boxer/pit bull mix.  He's missing.  And a lot of people are looking for him.

Hundreds in Waterloo have been looking for Jax for ten days now.  In fact, the word of Jax being gone has touched the hearts of many in the area because Jax is the dog of two young children who don't understand why Jax isn't at their home anymore.  The news about Jax has actually been shared over 7,000 times on Facebook.

According to his owner, Jax went missing while the family was out of state for Christmas.  They had someone watching Jax, but he got out the front door at their home and hasn't been seen since.

"On Dec 19, we left to go to Oregon for Christmas.  We found out from our family friend who was dog sitting/house sitting that Jax had escaped at 5:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve," said Jax's owner, Katie Motsinger.  "We have a privacy, fenced-in backyard, and he has never ran away before."

The family lives in the 900 block of Forest Avenue in Waterloo and, based on tracks in the snow, they believe someone may have picked Jax up by their back alley.  The family is hoping that person is a good Samaritan who didn't want the dog to be cold.  However, Jax has now been missing for ten days, despite the family quickly notifying animal control and humane societies right after they discovered he was missing.

A search party was organized by the Bucks stadium on New Year's Day because there was a possible sighting, but the volunteers didn't find him.  However, the family was moved by how many people, even strangers, came out to look for him.

"It just amazes me that so many strangers have come together to look for someone's dog that they have never met," said Motsinger.  "A lot of people took time out of their busy Christmas schedules to help us look because we were stuck in Oregon, and all of the people who continue to look daily.  It just makes me so thankful to live in Iowa."

The family asks that, if you think you spot Jax, don't chase, call or whistle at him, as it may scare him because he has anxiety issues.

"We have had Jax for three years.  He is terrified of loud noises, yelling, any fast hand movement. He has severe anxiety. When he gets anxious, which is multiple times a day, he will nurse his blanket until he falls asleep," said Motsinger.

If you recognize Jax in the photos, please contact 319-883-9916.  No questions will be asked, and the family is offering a reward and will happily come pick Jax up from any location.

"We are sick.  We don't know if he's hiding somewhere hurt or in someone's house scared and wanting to come home," said Motsinger.

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