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Bitter cold cracks Iowa woman's window

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It's one thing to hear what the temperature is outside, but exactly how cold is it? One eastern Iowa woman says it got so cold last night, her window cracked. 

We spoke with someone at the Window Source of Central Iowa who says it doesn't happen often but with glass in the cold or the heat of summer, it can definitely happen. From anything to an imperfection in the glass, to an extreme change in temperature, glass can crack. 

Holly Thovson has lived in an old farm house in Bristow with her boyfriend for the past year.

Around 9:30 p.m. Monday, the two were watching murder mystery shows and 'Batman' in their living room, when they heard a loud crack come from the next room.

She said, "It's a dark movie, you got the house dark and all that stuff, then you hear this's like 'what the heck?' It was scary."

Holly says it sounded like someone threw a brick through the window above her sink. 

"All of a sudden....BOOM," she says.

She has lived in Iowa for more than 40 years and says she had never heard of a window cracking from the cold, but also says she doesn't remember it being so cold, like it was last night. 

"In the 70's, we had snow up to our ears and it got bad out, but I don't remember it ever getting this cold," she says.

With this deep freeze happening around the country, there's been a few reports on social media of similar things happening to house and car windows.

When it comes down to it, glass is subject to expansion and contraction in any temperature difference, just like what happens to asphalt on the roads. The experts at Window Source of Central Iowa tell us there's really nothing you can do to prevent this, but it's definitely something to keep an eye out for during this bitter cold stretch.

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