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UPDATE: Boil order lifted in Evansdale

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UPDATE: The boil water advisory has been lifted in Evansdale.

Evansdale Water Works posted on Facebook, saying the second water test came back clean.

Residents can resume using water as usual from faucets; it's not necessary to flush lines.

The city is still determining the exact cause of the problem that led to the boil order.


UPDATE: The city of Evansdale expects to be under a boil order for the next few days, after their water tower froze over. 

For residents, water is back on, but at a very low pressure. The city says they have taken their first water test into the lab, but don't expect the results until Wednesday morning. They plan on taking a total of two tests, before they lift the boil order.

In the meantime, the city is reminding residents to boil water or buy bottled water as a precaution. This means, any water you plan on drinking, cooking, or brushing your teeth with, will need to be boiled for at least a minute. 

The city advises residents can continue to do laundry, and shower as usual. 

However, for restaurants in the area, it won't be business as usual, for the next couple of days.

The Other Place in Evansdale is closing their doors until the boil order is lifted.

"We're just going to err on the side of caution," said General Manager Matt Whitehead. "As big of an operation as we are, have to go out buy ice, buy pop, buy water, making sure customers can sanitize their hands in the restrooms that kind of stuff. Making sure our staff can sanitize things. If something did get into the water system, we don't want to take the chance that it gets into any of our food."

Whitehead says they'll most likely be closed until Thursday, which is when the city predicts the boil order will be lifted. 

"It's going to sting a little bit for sure," said Whitehead. "Especially this time of year, people are still having Christmas parties."

Others braved the cold to stock up on bottled water. 

"Luckily, Fareway is pretty good about keeping things on hand so I came and stocked up," said Angela Huntley. 

The big question for many in town was how the water tower froze to begin with. The answer is those frigid temperatures all across Eastern Iowa. 

Evansdale Mayor Doug Faas says inside the water tower there are a number of electronic sensors, which froze. When the sensors froze, the water stopped circulating, and that's when the ice cap formed. 

Currently, the city is pumping water from the wells into the water system.

"We have three wells that are up and running," said Mayor Faas. "We're pumping directly into our water system. It is treated before it goes into our system. The problem with that is it's not a long term solution. Those pumps are not designed to run that way but we seem to be holding our own right now."

Mayor Faas says if worst comes to worse, the city can tap into Waterloo's water supply. However, the city is working with a technician to come up with a permanent solution. 

"Essentially taking a power washer to the top of the tower and pumping heated water into the tower to melt the ice cap and get that ice off those sensors," said Mayor Faas. 

In the meantime, the city is asking residents to leave their faucets on at a slow drip to avoid ending up with frozen pipes. 

"Get a cold blast like this for that long, you kinda expect things to happen," said Whitehead. "It's unfortunate."

Mayor Faas says he hopes the boil order will be lifted by Thursday. For those looking for water, Kwik Star has donated bottled water to the city, and residents are welcome to pick up what they need at the city's community response center (911 S. Evans Rd.).  

Schools in Evansdale are prepared for the water problems and will resume class on Wednesday. 

Bottled water will be available at both Poyner elementary and Bunger middle school. Bathrooms are safe to use, and hand sanitizer will be available for students. School meals are also being prepared off site, and are being brought in. 

The city will be posting updates on Evansdale Water Works Facebook page

Mayor Doug Faas says some water has now been returned for the City of Evansdale, but is under a very limited basis.

The city is asking residents to open a faucet in the lowest part of their home to drain the water out of their pipes to prevent issues until the water can be fully restored.

KWWL spoke with Mayor Doug Faas who says the city's water tower has frozen over.

The city's water supervisor is working to return water to the area, but will have to pump the water manually overnight.

This means the city's water will have low pressure and be unfiltered when it is restored.

Evansdale is under a mandatory boil order until further notice.

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