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Together Again: Parents reunite with son after 30 years

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Two Eastern Iowa birth parents meet their son for the first time, after a nearly 30 year journey to find him. 

Melissa Thompson and Troy Johansen, who were teens at the time, made the difficult decision of putting their son up for adoption in 1988.

At three-days-old they gave their son up for adoption. The two sweethearts eventually broke up shortly after the adoption, but they were always connected by the boy they didn't know. 

For only about five years, the two got pictures and letters from the adopted family through the agency. Then, they stopped hearing from the family, leaving them to wonder about their son. 

For years, they both searched, even turning to agencies. But, it wasn't until a recent Facebook post by Johansen, that their search came to a close.  In December, Johansen took to Facebook with a plea writing, "I'm asking for a lot for Christmas this year and I need everyone's help in getting what I want. If I get nothing else other than this one thing I will be the happiest man on Earth."

The Facebook post was shared thousands of times, by people in every state, and even out of the country. A search angel was able to find their son, Chris Graham, and connect them with one another. 

This past weekend, Melissa and Troy made a visit to Fort Collins, Colorado to visit their son. The two, along with Troy's current wife and his mother, drove out to Colorado from Iowa during New Year's Eve weekend. 

The two met Chris in Denver, Colorado, and the nearly 30 year reunion was captured on video. In the emotional video, the three embrace each other in a hug, crying tears of happiness, paired with smiles larger than life. 

"Just not letting go-it was literally just 29 years worth of holding onto each other," said Troy Johansen. 

For Melissa and Troy, it was the first time these parents embraced their son. 

"As soon as I walked out of that elevator-it was like being surrounded by the paparazzi because they were both standing there together and everybody else had cameras with the lights on and chasing me around," said Graham. 

After the reunion, the three spent quality time together in Fort Collins, Colorado, where Chris currently lives. For three days, they not only were together again, but they began to learn everything about each other

"He has this incredible presence about him and it just radiates," said Thompson. "So you get within five feet of him and you sense this just incredible person-spirit that is so strong."

Chris took his parents to places, like Red Feather Lakes, which he's come to love most in Colorado. Quickly, they began to realize they all enjoy the same things-one of those being a love for the outdoors. 

For the entirety of the weekend, they all couldn't get enough of each other. 

 "I've been sitting in the middle of them at every restaurant, or every place we've gone," said Graham. "Always arms around each other, just constant cuddling, or making jokes."

His father echoed the same sentiments. 

"You know we couldn't keep our eyes off each other," said Johansen. "Everytime we were sitting next to each other-our mannerisms were the same like we'd fold our hands the same when we talked to each other."

Chris even got to meet his grandma, and it became a special moment for his dad when he passed down the Johansen family crest to his son. 

"It was a very proud moment," said Johansen. "Something that my dad gave to me before he passed away, and when I gave it to him-he was absolutely ecstatic." 

The family hopes that by sharing their story, they can also give others hope. 

 "In the end, I hope that this story inspires people all over the place to get in touch with and find people they love and they've never met, because it is possible," said Graham. 

Thompson, Chris' mother, says she plans to spend a couple more days with her son, because she couldn't leave his side just yet.

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