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Eastern Iowans brave the blistering cold

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Dangerously cold temperatures and wind chills are creeping their way into eastern Iowa and may stay for the next couple of days. Many Iowans were out braving the cold today, getting some shoveling done, while others were forced to work outside because of their jobs.

8-year-old Isabella O'Brien spent some of the afternoon shoveling snow in Cedar Falls.

"We are shoveling snow and we were just gonna do this sidewalk and do the rest for me and my dad," said Isabella.

Isabella and Liz Barnes worked together this afternoon to clear the sidewalks around their home, working through the frigid weather.

"The world does not stop just because it's cold out," said Barnes.

Cedar Falls barely made it to zero degrees today.

"I wasn't sure I wanted to come out and do it, but then we did see some people walking and we figured we should probably get the sidewalks cleared off," said Barnes.

Postal worker David Meyne says he is grateful for Barnes' and Isabella's efforts.

"At the end of the day if you're trudging through six or seven inches of snow it's kind of hard on a person, so if people can get out and shovel it's great," said Meyne, Cedar Falls Post Office.

Meyne put on multiple layers this morning and he even wrapped a shirt around his head to keep his face warm.

"My first loop was really cold and the wind was just getting my cheeks and I thought, 'man this is not good' so I went back to the post office and I found something to just put over my cheeks," said Meyne.

Many eastern Iowans say they are used to these negative temperatures.

"If you're in Iowa you kind of need to be okay in all seasons because they are going to happen whether you like it or not," said Barnes.

"This is the real deal this is what it's all about," said Meyne..

People who ventured outside today say they were wearing at least three layers and could still feel the piercing cold. Meyne says he uses hand warmers to beat the cold.

Wind chills are forecast to be dangerously cold through at least Tuesday, so bundle up. Also if you are ringing in the New Year with alcohol this weekend doctors say you should avoid the cold weather because it can dull your senses. So, you could be getting frostbite, without even feeling it.

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