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Is your home ready to weather the arctic temps?

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As Iowans work to clean up a week of snow, they are bracing for even colder temperatures.  And that means remembering the work to be done inside, as well.

This week's temperatures are a perfect storm for freezing pipes. It has meant non-stop calls for Young Plumbing and Heating, who had more than 50 calls on Thursday. They expect to see the calls increase as the temperatures drop on Saturday and Sunday.

"If it gets below zero. That is definitely a target range, especially when it is with the wind. The wind will drive that cold through cracks in foundations and get towards the inside walls," said John Thomas of Young Plumbing and Heating.

So what can Iowans do inside their home to fight the cold?

"One, make sure the heat is turned on. We recommend not setting back thermostats and keeping it at least 65 in the house. Homeowners should make sure all the interior doors are open to the house. If you've got faucets in the kitchen or in a bathroom that are on an outside wall, open cupboards to get to those and keep those exposed, as well as keeping a slow drip running from them." said Thomas.

It may seem like a waste of water, but "that little amount of water over time is far better than a flood in your house," said Thomas, who has seen frozen pipes cause nearly $100,000 worth of damage. 

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