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Tips for keeping your pet safe in the cold weather

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Just because your pet has a fur coat doesn't mean it can't get hypothermia or frost bite. 

Cedar Rapids Animal Care & Control gave us some tips to share in order to keep pets safe. 

Program Manager Diane Webber says pets should not be left in a cold car.  

"A car in the winter time acts as a refrigerator," she told us. 

"Think of how cold you are when you get back in the car after it's been sitting in a parking lot for a long time," she added. 

Webber tells us pets should be kept indoors but if a dog for example needs to be let out, a city ordinance requires it to have access to shelter. 

"That isn't just an igloo exposed out in the backyard, that dog house or igloo itself has to have a cover over it so that the snow doesn't pile up in there," she says. 

Her number one tip is to simply keep pets inside.

"The very best thing that people can do to keep their pets safe in the winter is to keep them indoors that's honestly the very best thing they can do," Webber told us. 

Other tips include wiping pets off with a towel when they come back inside to make sure there isn't any snow or ice on them and also to remove any potential dangerous chemicals that can come from salt or antifreeze. 

In addition if a dog is active and does spend time outside, food intake can been increased in the winter because they burn more calories maintaining their body temperature. 

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