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Reacting differently to the weather

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Tricky traveling conditions are making it difficult for people to get where they need to be.

Despite snow-covered roads and sidewalks, some people are taking advantage of the white stuff.

Many children are making the most of their holiday breaks in the this chilly weather.

From clearing paths to making time for a little fun, there's truly a different reaction from everyone.

While many people enjoy the snow-covered ground, those who have to work in it, like postal workers, say it can make their job a little tricky.

They say the best thing you can do to help is to make sure your sidewalks are shoveled.

"We love when you shovel. We don't ask for much. Shovel your sidewalk. Get some salt, sand down, and give us a path to walk in. It makes it a lot easier for us," United States Postal Service worker, Josh Peverill, said.

Peverill has worked for the USPS for five years and said the trickiest part includes driving their trucks in the snow.

"They're not easy to drive. They're rear-wheel drive and no weight in the back. So, it's very tough. You've got to take it very slow which slows us down," Josh said.

Meantime, reported crashes are slowing traffic in some spots, like Interstate 380 Thursday morning near Evansdale, as plow drivers are doing everything they can to get you where you need to be.

"Slow down. Give yourself time. Leave a little sooner. Just slow down and take your time. There's no reason to rush and get in a crash," Peverill said.

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