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Will your car start in frigid temps?

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With temperatures below zero all week in Eastern Iowa, many people are finding their cars just won't start. It made for a busy day after Christmas as Boubin Automotive in Waterloo.

Tuesday, tow trucks rolled into the shop and the garage was full for Boubin Store Manager, Shawn Streittmatter, and his team of mechanics.

"A lot of flat repairs; today has been filled with a lot of flat repairs and no-starts," said Streittmatter.

The frigid temps are taking their toll on weak batteries.  Experts recommend replacing batteries six years or older and making sure the terminals are in good condition.

If they aren't in good condition, "you might see green corrosion that would indicate acid or a connection issue," said Streittmatter.

Overall, there aren't any tricks of the trade that will help Iowans beat the cold temps, rather Streittmatter says it's simply about getting ahead of the extreme temps with regular maintenance.

"Your oil changes, making sure your battery is in good shape, making sure all your fluids are full, making sure your anti-freeze is good down to -35 below; those are standard practices," said Streittmatter.

 The biggest misnomer people have about cold cars is having to let cars warm up for 10 minutes or more.

"Couple minutes in, the vehicle is ready to go. It doesn't necessarily need to be operating temperature in order for it to go down the road better. A lot of people, my wife being included, think you have to warm the vehicle up for 10-15 minutes, but that is more for her comfort than it is anything," said Streittmatter.

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