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Hawkeyes turn eyes from scenic NYC to Pinstripe Bowl

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In less than two days, we'll know if the Iowa Hawkeyes are headed back to the Midwest as winners.

They spent most of the morning Monday taking in the sights, visiting the One World Observatory and the 9/11 Memorial.

But now they're setting their sights on the real reason they came to New York City: The Pinstripe Bowl.

"It's always in your mind, so you're always going through stuff.We still are watching film when we have time off. Tomorrow we'll start actually watching film with coaches, so it's just different levels of focus," said Bo Bower.

The Hawkeyes are facing a Boston College team that won five of its last six games, and they know they'll need to slow them down--particularly by shutting down the running game.

"Just start off fast, start the game off fast. Be able to get them on their heels, get them on long third downs, long second downs, and make them pass the ball, cause they're a big, heavy run team. Just get them out of their rhythm," said Josey Jewell.

Jake Gervase added, "If we can get them away from their strength, and make them pass the ball, that's something we want to try to do. We trust our secondary, we trust our linebackers, we've created a lot of turnovers with teams passing the ball. That's something we want to focus on and try to make happen."

When they take the field, they'll be taking it at Yankee Stadium.  The magnitude of that isn't lost on the Hawkeyes.

"It's big. I've never been a huge Yankees fan--I was a Rays fan growing up, but it'll be awesome. Obviously you have all the history there, you have Derek Jeter, you have Babe Ruth, you have all that,"  said Keegan Render.

"Oh, it's awesome. I've got cousins and family members who all play baseball. So just to be able to say I played a football game at Yankee Stadium. It's pretty cool and I'm looking forward to the opportunity. And anything involved with the Yankees...everyone knows who the Yankees are. So just playing in their stadium is awesome and I'm really looking forward to it," Gervase said.

NYC is about a three hour drive from the campus of Boston College. That means it will most likely feel like a home game for the Eagles.  But the Hawkeyes say as long as they start fast and play their brand of football, it won't matter who has more fans in the stands.

The Pinstripe Bowl kicks off at 4:15 Wednesday afternoon.

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