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Hawkeyes play role of tourists in New York City

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The Iowa Hawkeyes are in New York to play football on Wednesday.

But today, they played the role of tourists.

The team first got the chance to see New York from the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere: the One World Observatory.

They took in views from the top of the more than 1,700 foot tall building.

"That's awesome to be able to see it from that high. You could see pretty much everything for a lot of miles," said senior Josey Jewell.

"That was nuts, just being able to look out and see how big this place really is. The whole city. Looking over Brooklyn and Queens, and just being able to see how large this is and how many people live here. It's crazy, and a little different than Iowa City," added Jake Gervase.

Those views were breathtaking, but a number of players said the ride up also took their breath away--for a different reason.

"I was kinda nervous getting on that elevator going that far up, you know?" said Akrum Wadley.

"It was kinda nerve wracking, honestly. But we got to the top, and it was cool to see everything. You could see the Statue of Liberty, everything. So it was cool," added Bo Bower.

After spending some time on top of the world, the team made its way to the 9/11 Memorial, stopping first to reflect at the pools where the towers once stood.

"It was kinda surreal, you know? Like I said earlier, I was really young when that happened. I don't really remember all the news sketches and that so. Just kinda seeing it and walking around the memorial and seeing the actual bases of the Twin Towers was kinda surreal," said Keegan Render.

A sad experience, but one the team says they felt was a necessary thing to do.

"It was really sad at sometimes just seeing the destruction that took place on that day. It's a day that everyone in our country remembers and just being able to go over there as a team and just experience that together and see the rebuilding of that area, it was really cool, and I was very grateful we were able to do that as a team this morning," said Gervase.

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