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Stranger gives mother $100 gift card

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An eastern Iowa family is overwhelmed with gratitude after a complete stranger gave them an unexpected gift.

As many last-minute shoppers are stressed to hit the stores one last time before Christmas, one eastern Iowa mother says she's relieved she waited.

The long lines, finding the perfect gifts, and spending hundreds of dollars is enough to push most mothers over the edge.

Haylee Frush of Jesup was no different this Tuesday, while she was shopping at Walmart in Independence.

She said a stranger came up to her, and he offered a gift card.

"I'm just absolutely blown away. This is everything to me. I can't imagine. I'm just speechless. It means everything to me, and I can't thank this person enough from the bottom of my heart," Frush said.

Haylee says she was getting ready to cash out when she was struggling with her two young sons. 

That's when a complete stranger walked up to her, handed her a gift card, and told her to have a Merry Christmas.

"It's just amazing that through all the darkness in the world there are great people out there. Like I said, they deserve to be recognized," Frush said.

Haylee said she's never seen the man who gave her the gift card, and she didn't know it was worth $100 til the cashier told her.

"I was mind blown. Stuff like this never happens to me, and I just want people to know that I'm so thankful for people out there, and their kindness is not going unrecognized," Frush said.

According to Independence Walmart managers, another person said a stranger also handed them a gift card for the same amount of money Tuesday.

They say they've seen people come in and anonymously pay for lay-away bills before, but they've never seen strangers come in and hand out gift cards like they did this week.

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