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Best-selling author James Patterson gives holiday bonus to Iowa City bookshop employees

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Money will be a little less tight around the holidays for two bookshop employees in Iowa City after a gift from a best-selling author.

Terry Cain, an employee at Prairie Lights, and Wendy Jones, of Iowa Book, both received a "holiday bonus" from author James Patterson this week.

Patterson gives money to booksellers at independent bookstores throughout the country as part of his annual Holiday Bookstore Bonus Program.

"I think it says that he recognizes the importance of independent book stores, not just in publishing industries but in the communities. A lot of authors get a lot of support from us and Mr. Patterson is in a position to give back and he is. I think that says a lot about him, that he's willing to give back to people that helped his career," Cain said.

A total of $350,000 was handed out this year, up from last year's $250,000. Individual bonuses ranged from $750 to $1,250.

Employees from more than 300 bookstores in the country received this year's gift. Cain and Jones were the only two from Iowa.

Cain said he wasn't sure what he will do with the money quite yet but he said he may use it to get himself a new pair of glasses.

These bonuses are my humble acknowledgment of [booksellers’] commitment to putting books into the hands of readers, and I hope these grants make that possible," Patterson said in a statement.

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