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UPDATE: 8-year-old gets new dirt bike in time for Christmas

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UPDATE: The 8-year-old Cedar Rapids boy who had his dirt bike stolen didn't get it returned. Instead, he got a brand new one thanks to donations just in time for Christmas.

On top of several others, one individual donated $1,000 to get Brayden a new bike.

Brayden's family said he was thankful and excited for the new bike but because of the cold temperatures, he hasn't had a chance to take it out on a test drive.


PRIOR STORY:  A young boy in eastern Iowa is heartbroken days before Christmas after his prized possession was stolen from his home.

An orange KTM 50 SX dirt bike was believed to be stolen from the family's garage in Cedar Rapids on Mt. Vernon Rd.

The bike belonged to eight-year-old Brayden, according to his dad, Kris Rutzebeck. Rutzebeck said the bike was registered and a police report was filed. The bike was uninsured after they bought it two years ago for close to $2,000.

Rutzebeck said it's Brayden's biggest passion to race his dirt bike under the number 48, his grandpa's number. With numerous metals and trophies already under his belt, it's Brayden's goal to one day cross that finish line first. But he won't be able to get on his bike again anytime soon.

On December 8, Rutzebeck said he went into the garage where all of the family bikes are stored and realized Brayden's bike was missing. The only thing else missing was the specific gas can only meant for his bike. The other bikes and numerous items in the garage were left untouched.

"It makes me sense that someone was familiar with our garage and what went to what," Rutzebeck, who believes the bike must have been taken sometime on or after December 6, said.

Rutzebeck believes, at the time it was taken, he had forgotten to lock the side door to the garage, something they had done frequently in the past without an issue until now.

He said telling his 8-year-old the news wasn't something he wanted to do weeks away from Christmas.

"It was extremely difficult to tell him. It hurt me probably just about as much as they hurt him. I'd rather them have taken my bike out of the garage. It would be a lot easier on me than it would be on him,"  he said. "He was very devastated. Racing is everything to him.We spend lots of time, all of our time really, focused around racing, practicing, and all of our free time having fun together."

Rutzebeck and his wife are currently trying to sell old items, including a truck, to try and get money to buy Brayden a new bike because his bike wasn't insured. The family plans to insure their bikes now but said it's hard close to Christmas and money is tight, especially after buying Brayden's presents, which were upgrades to the now-stolen bike.

"We spent a lot of money on his bike for Christmas. This was going to be a lot of his Christmas presents; the parts that we put on the bike. We just rebuilt the bike. All of the parts were on the bike when they took it. I mean, we spent somewhere around a grand for just parts for his bike for Christmas and they're all gone now, not to mention the bike, as well," he said.

The family said they don't know anyone that would have stolen the bike. They put up fliers on the surrounding streets in order to try and find it, and are still trying to hold out hope that they'll find it.

A GoFundMe has been set up trying to get Brayden a new bike in time for his first race on March 4. 

Rutzebeck asks that anyone with information about the bike call Cedar Rapids police.

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